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Information about DG coating

Increases the life of the thread gauges and thread rings
Through improved properties, such as less friction and tribological reliability, the gauges have a longer dimensional stability. They don’t have to be replaced often.

Advantages over other coatings
  • Micro hardness
    DG: 3000 HV
    Carbid metal: 1600 HV
    Steel: 800 HV
  • Universal Hardness: 14 – 20 Gpa
  • Friction value, dry against steel: f = 0,05
    (steel on steel: f = 0,13)
  • Temperature of the coating: 150° C
  • Application temperature: 400° C
  • High resiliency (E-Module ca. 180 GPa)
What is Diamond Graphite?
Diamond Graphite is a diamond similar coating based on carbon, which is assigned with the help of chemical vapor deposition. The coating is mainly composed of the two bond modifications of the carbon; of the graphitic (sp²) and of the diamond-like (sp³). Therefore, the properties lie between the Graphite and the Diamond.

DG coating under the scanning electron microscopy. The structural elements are not crystalline. The body are so small that they look as smooth as glass with the naked eye.

Scanning tunneling microscopy of a 304 stainless steel plate. One side of the plate was coated with 1µ DG and the other side was left natural. Then the piece was lapped with a 240 mesh lapping paste of SiC. After the first 100 minutes reveals a smoothing of the coating. During the trial, about 5µ were removed on the uncoated side. While the coated side does not show any attrition after 55 hours.