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System of Gauges Identification

Efficiency and Profitability

Gathering identification information is very important for working with Gauges and Measuring Devices. This essential working part made a draft on much time because one had to typewrite or register the identifications manual.

Using the PM reader will make you save a lot of this time. As well you minimize error sources! This solid Scanner makes the acquisition of 2-D-Data faster, which leads to a saving of nearly 50% (applications are based on experiences and own practical tests).

The result of this automatic identification is a big time advantage. Your professionals will have more valuable time for different other tasks.

The PM Reader is a certified System. It prevents mistakes, which were made through transposed digits or through crabbed numbers. (Round about 5% of statistic error rates is the result of manual entering). The supervision of the quality standard and inspection interval is based on a System.

The automatization of the data collection and data identification of the Gauges reduces the effort of expensive working hours. The costs for your new investigation are very low and you will recognize that this Scanner will pay off.

The PM Reader can be integrated in every keyboard using System. That means every employee can use one familiar standard administrative System. There is no need of retraining or further education. By the way, your existing Gauges can be included to the new System very fast.

Information about PM Reader